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Garlic Scape Pesto

About 3 years ago I planted some garlic bulbs in the fall. The next year they came up in the spring and before I knew it they scaped and flowered, When I looked at them late in the summer there were lots of small garlic maybe 50 per plant. I collected them all and gave some to my sister. They were so tinny, little baby garlic's. The next year I planted them all in the late fall but none came up in the spring. By fall I noticed some small plants and I started fishing for the bulbs. Wow there were a lot of them about the size of small marbles. I let them dry for a couple weeks. I was also working on a drainage system in front of Ingrid's studio and before a hard frost planted half in a raised bed. It warmed again and I finished the drainage ditch into the yard and connected it to Ingrid's sink. This left me with about 100 feet of turned ground. Then we got a had frost again and I couldn't dig the ground. Then it warmed again (this was maybe in the middle of November), thawed the frosty ground and I planted the rest. This spring each and every bulb came up and just this week I harvested about 150 garlic scapes. Now it is time to do something with them.

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