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Board of Directors

Monthly board meetings are the Last Monday of each month at 6:00PM via Zoom.
Please contact the board if you are interested in attending.

Whole Earth Market Co-op is a natural, organic, and local grocery store owned by our members. Everyone can shop, anyone can join.


The Whole Earth Market Board of Directors is a 7-9 person governing body consisting of owners that are elected at the annual meeting in March each year. Board members have a fiduciary duty to the success of WEMC and they have a responsibility to represent our owners and act in their best interests. The board’s main job is to represent our members and their interests in our co-op. Members also commit to upholding the 7 cooperative principles which include voluntary and open membership, democratic member control, member economic participation, autonomy and independence, education, training and information, cooperation among cooperatives, and concern for community. WEMC Board of Directors uses the model of Policy Governance to guide our actions. The model allows the board to stay focused on three main areas: setting long term ends (or outcomes) and organizational limits; holding the general manager accountable for organizational performance; and, creating an active dialog with the member/owners about the strategic direction of the co-op. The Policy Governance model maintains operational decisions in the hands of the General Manager. The Board of Directors defines the policies and the co-op management reports on their compliance of the applicable policy each month.  More information on the specific policies used within policy governance can be found here. Board members do receive an optional 8% discount at the store in certain departments. Board members have a voice in shaping the future of the co-op while working with a group of people who share a commitment to a democratic process and a sustainable local economy.


Board Candidate Requirements:

  • Any owner in good standing

  • Must be 18 years or older


Board Member Responsibilities: 

  • Each board member serves a three year term and understands that the position is a volunteer appointment.

  • Each board member must understand and commit to using cooperative principles, adhering to WEMC Bylaws, and operate using the policy governance model.

  • Each board member must be available to attend monthly Board meetings, usually the last Monday of each month at 6:00pm. Board members are expected to miss no more than 2 meetings per year. 

  • Each board member must commit to fully reading the agenda and attachments prior to the board meetings and to participating actively in board meeting discussions and decisions. Each board member must commit to dedicating significant time (4-6+ hours per month) to board work, including participating in 1 or more committees. 

  • Each board member must have the ability to communicate via email and attend online board meetings. 

  • Board members must commit to confidentiality. 


Before submitting your application to run for a Board of Directors position:

  • We highly encourage all prospective candidates to attend a monthly board meeting.

  • We suggest that prospective board members thoroughly understand board member responsibilities listed above, including a general review of the ByLaws and WEMC Policy Governance policies. By submitting an application to run for a Board of Directors position, you are affirming your promise to fulfill the above Board Member Responsibilities if elected. 

  • Candidates must disclose any potential conflicts of interest (this can be done within the board application).

Interested in becoming a member of our Board of Directors? 

  • Board member candidate application is posted in December each year. Elections are held in February and March each year. Contact the board for more information on the next election dates.  ​​

Policy Governance Register PDF file

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