Anyone can shop, anyone can own. 

You don't have to be an owner to shop at WE Market Co-op, but YOU, US, & our COMMUNITY will benefit if you do.  When you decide that Co-op Ownership is for you, the money you pay is actually equity in the business. It is not a yearly membership fee, just a one time payment. This is what makes us a community-owned business and what makes WE Market Co-op YOUR Co-op.

Become a part of a community-owned business and enjoy benefits that many find to far exceed the initial equity investment. 

Ownership at WE Market Co-op is a special opportunity to be a part of a community-owned business. Since 1974, Whole Earth co-op has been an essential establishment in River Falls, Wisconsin. Ownership at the co-op includes a variety of benefits that give back to you and to your community: 

  • Great deals on staple, favorite products

  • Special member only deals

  • Case discounts on special orders

  • Annual owner appreciation events 

  • Participation in co-op governance, including voting for the Board of Directors 

  • Emailed newsletters with co-op updates

  • Knowing your investments help develop a local, community-minded business and economy 

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New Member Brochure2.png

*Member ship packets can be picked up at the register.