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Not Your Ordinary Grocery Store

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A cooperative (co-op) is a business that is owned by and for the benefit of its OWNERS. 

7 Cooperative Principles

  1. Voluntary & Open Membership: Everyone is welcome!

  2. Democratic Member Control: No matter how much equity an Owner contributes, each Owner has only one vote, and therefore, equal say.

  3. Member Economic Participation: You have to use your Co-op to get the benefits. Buy more, save more!

  4. Autonomy & Independence: We may collaborate and cooperate with others, but we set our own policies, mission and effect we want to leave on our community.

  5. Education, Training & Information: We love to help. Let us!

  6. Cooperation Among Cooperatives: We offer help & ask for help from other cooperatives. We are all in this together to make this world a better place, starting in our community!

  7. Concern For Community: Although a co-op needs to be profitable to remain in business, a co-op also exists to serve the community, not solely to make a profit for its shareholders.

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