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Call for Candidates!

Whole Earth Market Co-op Board of Directors

Complete the Board Application by 2/9/2023!


Thank you for your interest in running for WE Market Co-op’s Board of Directors!  Serving on the board is an exciting way to be involved in visioning the future of our cooperative business. 


Click here to apply! 

The WE Market Co-op has 7-9 directors, each serving a three-year term. The current board is charged with recommending a slate of candidates who can provide leadership for the Co-op.


Board Responsibilities & Compensation

The co-op is owned by its shareholders.  These member-owners elect a board of directors to do these important things on behalf of the membership:

  • Represent and communicate on behalf of our Owners.

  • Ensure that co-op resources are managed responsibly.

  • Administer legal duties and responsibilities on behalf of the co-op according to the law.

  • Plan for the future. Craft and continually evaluate dynamic long-range vision.

  • Hire/monitor the General Manager.


Directors are expected to:

  • Attend monthly meetings with no more than two absences a year (meetings take place the third Monday of the month at 6pm, unless otherwise agreed upon).

  • Review all board packet materials before the monthly meeting.

  • Have internet access and an email address.

  • Participate in annual planning through a Strategic Planning Retreat or several long sessions. 

  • Participate in board development and training sessions.

  • Attend the Annual Meeting in the Spring.

  • Be available to receive or address member concerns.

  • Abide by the Code of Conduct.

  • The time commitment expected of a board member is 5-10 hours a month.


Board members receive an 8% discount on their purchases during their term.

Click here to apply! 

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