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Curried Red Lentil Dahl

You will need 4 cups Dried Red Lentils. Bring 6 cups of Water to boil and add lentils. It should take 1/2 hour to fully hydrate the lentils. You may need to add another cup of Water or two. After 10 minutes add 2 fine diced Fresh Garlic Cloves, 2 Tablespoons Curry Powder, 1/2 Tablespoon Ground Cumin and 2 teaspoons Salt. Stir often, the lentils will change color from red to a yellow green. When they thicken they may stick to the bottom of the pot so be careful and stir often. Eat hot or cold. Make them into a soup with the addition of Roasted Red Peppers and Garbanzo Beans.

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