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More Baking Tips

Get good equipment. I have some favorites:

Thermometers: ThermoWorks makes a thermometer called ThermoPop. 2 for $50. It is fast and lasts. I have had mine for 4 years. They also make the ThermoPen which I use for testing soup temperatures.

Sheet Pans: Nordicware is the standard. Heavy doesn't warp and is the correct deminsion.

Measuring Spoons: Winco make a good stainless set for $8.31. Vollrath has a 4 piece for $4.16 and a 6 piece for $11.24. These are prices from the

Measuring Cups: You will need a 4 cup and 8 cup. Cambro makes a 8 cup for $9.15 and a 4 cup for $6.69. Again these are prices at

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