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Hooray! It National Coop Month!

October is a time to celebrate change....a change in weather, a change in scenery, a change in routine and a change in the food that we choose to put on our tables (Yay! Comfort food!). But October is also the time to celebrate what has not changed. Your Coop and our mission. We are here to serve you, to keep your dollars in your community, to respect the environment that we are so blessed to have, to support and encourage our local community and farms to grow and produce goods in a way that respects the land and our health, and to work together to make our community a better place for us all. Did you know that by shopping at the coop you are doing more than just buying food and goods? YOU are supporting all of the above as well! Member Owners take that one step further by putting their faith in us that the equity they pay will be used to further that mission and the future of our coop. If you shop your coop, love your coop, consider owning your coop! If you are ready to own, join today!

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