Chicken Wild Rice Soup

April 10, 2020

You will need:

½ Diced Onion

2 Ribs of Celery Diced

2 Large Carrots Peeled and Diced

2 Tablespoons Olive Oil or any neutral oil.


Saute these ingredients until tender.

Add 1 Quart  Chicken Broth, 1 Quart Milk, 2 Tablespoons Chopped Parsley, ½ teaspoon of Black Pepper and Salt. Let simmer and add ¼ Lbs of Wild Rice. Dice 1 pound of Cooked Chicken and add to the soup.


In another pan melt 2 Tablespoons Butter and whisk in 2 Tablespoons Flour. This is called a RUE. 


When soup is simmering at 165 degrees you can wisk in the rue, it should thicken. Add more rue to make thicker or hot water to thin. Taste and adjust pepper and spice.


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