Our bulk section is filled with a wide variety of different items from flours, oats, rice, nuts, chocolate, granola, tea spices, coffee, and more. 

coffee beans.jpg


One of the most unique things about Whole Earth Market Co-op is our coffee! All of our coffee in roasted in-house for that extra fresh flavor. We have a wide variety of coffee for every coffee drinker from light roast to dark roast to decaf.

 In the mood to try a new flavor of coffee? Try our signature blend, The Sunshine Blend! The Sunshine Blend is sweetly smooth with a mild acidity. 

We also have three different coffee flavors brewed fresh every morning!


Looking to spice up your meals? Look no further than our bulk spices. Grab just enough for your recipe or refill your container. 

Buying spices in bulk is perfect for getting the amounts you need without buying too much.