We're Offering Curbside Pickup!

You can email or call in your list. We will do our best to fill your order subject to availability. If you are ok with substitutions, please let us know. Orders must be pre-paid. Due to limited space, we are limiting these orders to 2 bags of groceries per order and can only hold orders for 2 hours.

This list is not a live list and item availability and pricing is not guaranteed. If the price changes more than 10% of the expected total bill, we will call to confirm the charges.

If you are home-bound and require delivery, please let us know! We have a group of volunteers that may be able to delivery your items to you!

Item                                                                 PricePer

Rice, Basmati, White, og                                3.89lb

Cof Mexico Dark, ft                                       10.99lb

Cof Costa Rica Dark, ft                                   9.99lb

Honey, Liquid, Raw, local                               4.69lb

Flour, All Purpose, Unbleached, og               1.99lb

Oats, Rolled, Thick, og                                     1.89lb

Oats, Rolled, Quick, og                                    1.89lb

Oats, Rolled, Reg, og                                        1.89lb

Coconut Milk, Pure+Simple

Whipping Cream, Heavy                               2.69pint

Whipping Cream, Heavy, OG                        4.29pint

Milk, Skim, local                                              1.991/2 gal

Milk, Skim, og                                                   5.791/2 gal

Milk 2%, local                                                     2.191/2 gal

Milk 2%, og                                                         5.791/2 gal

Milk , Whole, local                                           2.391/2 gal

Milk, Whole, og                                                 5.791/2gal

Milk, Whole + $2 deposit, local                       4.491/2 gal

Half&Half                                                           1.49pint

Half&Half                                                           2.19qt

Half&Half, og                                                    2.39pint

Half&Half, og                                                  4.39qt

Gallon of Water                                                1.88gal

Mineral Water                                                2.39750ml

Eggs, Soy Free                                                  4.89doz

Eggs, Non-GMO                                               3.69doz

Eggs, Symanietz, og                                        4.29doz

Eggs, St Criox Valley, og                                 4.49doz

Eggs, My Father's Farm, og                            4.29doz

Turkey, Ground, og                                         3.79lb

Ground Beef, Grass Fed                                 6.99lb

Bananas, og                                                     1.19lb

Avocado, og                                                     1.49ea

Broccoli, og                                                    3.99lb

Carrots, og                                                   2.99lb

Yelow Onion, og                                                 1.89lb

Celery, og                                                           2.49ea

Navel Oranges, og                                              1.49lb

Honeycrisp Apples, og                                   3.99lb

Braeburn Apples, og                                     2.99lb

Sweet Potatoes, Jewel                             3.99lb

Kale, Lacinato, og                                   2.99ea

Potato, Russet, og1.99lb

Potato, Yukon Gold, og2.29lb

Scallions, og1.99ea

Cilantro, og2.99ea

Lemon, og1.99lb

Brussel Sprouts, og5.49lb

Beets, Red, og2.99lb

Cabbage, Green. Local1.69lb

Lettuce, Green Leaf, og2.99ea

Kale, Curly, og2.99ea

Potato, Red, og1.99lb

Radishes, ogea

Onion, Red, og1.99lb

Sweet Potato, Yam, og3.29lb

Cabbage, Red, og1.69lb

Lettuce, Romaine, og2.99ea

Lettuce, Red Leaf, og2.99ea

Orange, Cara Cara, og2.99lb

Tortilla Chips, Yellow, og

Pumpkin Seeds, Roasted Salted, og

Tortilla Chips, Blue, local

Parnips, og2.99

Parsley, Curly, og1.99ea

Parsley, Italian, og2.29ea

Bok Choy, Baby, og3.99lb

Eggplant, Purple, og2.29ea

Peas, og8.99lb

Cucumber, English, og4.49ea

Mushrooms, Crimini, og6.99lb

Spinach, Baby, og9.99lb

Salad Mix, og9.99lb

Grapefruit, Rio Red, og2.49lb

Pears, D'Anjou, og1.99lb

Apples, Granny Smith, og2.29lb

Limes, og3.99lb

Oranges, Mandarin, og3.49lb

Kiwi, og3.99lb

Apple, Opal, og2.99lb

Peppers, Green, og3.99lb

Peppers, Red, og4.99lb

Zucchini, og3.99lb

Tomato, Slicer, og5.29lb

Garlic, og6.99lb

Ginger, og6.99lb


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