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WE want to know what you're making! Share your recipes with our co-op community.

Cooking Eggs
Win Prizes

Anyone who submits a recipe will be entered to win a WE Market gift certificate. Plus, your recipe could get featured in a video!

Baking Home Video
Buy the Cookbook

The WE Market Co-op Community Cookbook will launch 11/15/2020. Stop in and pick one up!

Vintage Cookbook
Submit a Recipe

WE are looking for your favorite recipes that feature ingredients you can get at WE Market Co-op. Do you make a stew full of fresh veggies and beef from local farmers? Make a mean pound cake using farm eggs? WE would love to share your recipe with our co-op community!

By submitting your recipe you agree to allow WE Market Co-op the right to publish it in their community cookbook both in print and online. The proceeds of the book will go to fund

Thanks for submitting!

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