2020 Board Member Candidates

Prescott Bergh

I believe in having a local food system for the benefit of the farmers, the environment and all eaters. Our local coop is the best way to support this. I have a background in organic farming, organic farm and processing inspection, organic education and outreach, as a grain  buyer and marketer (domestic and international), sourcing and selling organic ingredients and working with food product developers. I feel strongly about bringing this experience to bear on increasing the health and success of our food coop. After a long career in the food industry I finally have time to 'give back' to my community. Yes, I did maintenance at the food coop in Middletown CT, cut cheese at North Country Coop, and have served on the WEGC Board for the past three years. My strengths are that I have a deep background and understanding of the 'food system' from seed to plate, farming, sales and marketing experience. I want to help the coop capitalize on its strengths, such as that as having an inhouse coffee roaster, expanding the sales from this to the larger community, including businesses, community organization fundraisers, and even reaching out to past coop members who may welcome the opportunity to stay in touch with the coop via monthly coffee subscriptions.

Robin Boles

I moved to River Falls 26 years ago, and the Co-op quickly became the hub of my community. Since then, I have married, raised three children, and owned a small business in downtown River Falls.  Always, the Co-op has played a central role, and it's important to me that I contribute to this community that has meant so much to my life here in River Falls. During my time on the Board, I have seen the value in having board membership that has longevity. I am committed to serving another term, if the membership will have me, so I can continue to use the skills and knowledge I have gained over the past three years to help the Co-op keep moving in a positive and upward direction. I have been a member of the Co-op for 25 years. I  have been employed by the Co-op, I have been fed by the co-op, and, for the past three years, I have had the honor of serving on the Board of Directors for the Co-op, acting as Board Chair for the past two-years. I am highly-organized and detail-oriented. I have experience serving on Boards and working with Policy Governance. I am deeply committed to making sure the Co-op continues to be a food source option in River Falls. I hope to see the Co-op continue to serve as and increase its presence as a pillar of health and sustainability in the River Falls Community; this will be achieved through a multi-faceted approach that centers around the grocery store as the hub of and engine for that presence.

Mark Lundgren

I am a lifelong resident of River Fall, I am married to Valerie Lundgren and have two wonderful children Parker 15, and Ella 13. I am a Senior Project Manager for Chandler Inc. based in Afton, MN. I enjoy fishing, golfing and snowboarding as well as wood working and photography when I have the time. I am passionate about our small businesses on main. I love the selection of local and organic foods that the Co-op offers which aligns with my family’s dietary needs. As a current board member  I am inspired to continue the work we are doing to grow in our community. I am very excited about the momentum of the board's activities and want to assist in any way I can to help improve the Co-op. Yes, I am on the Board of Directors, the current treasurer, and participate in the executive and finance committees and have also been a member owner for the last 10 years and a frequent shopper. I owned and operated a retail store called Karma Gifts with my lovely wife Valerie for 5 years which was located on Main Street. This experience of this gives me a unique perspective on the challenges of running a business in River Falls. I have over 15 years management/business experience filling roles like; Production Manager, Project Manager and Senior Project manager. These roles have allowed me to gain experience managing people and making well informed financial decisions. I see our co-op taking a lead role in driving sustainable practices in our grocery market. Continued and ever increasing support for local farmers and food sources while driving positive impact to the local economy. I see expansion in our community outreach programs, ranging from educational classes and in store events to partnerships with local businesses and increasing our impact through programs like Round Up. 

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