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New Board of Director Members


After graduating with a BA in Art and French from the University of New
Mexico, I arrived in River Falls. 25 years later, River Falls is the home where
my family roots and connection to place have become a central theme of
who I am. My husband, Wayne, and I built a home in Martell township. We
have raised our two kids, John and Hattie, and maintained a family
commune of sorts with my parents. Over the years, we have done a bit of
everything to farm our little plot: laying and meat chickens, pleasure
horses, bees, maple syrup, organic vegetables, cut flowers, and Navajo-
Churro sheep. From 2010-2012, I did an arts apprenticeship in the Twin
Cities. I have shown my art in Chicago and Minneapolis galleries. As a
graduate student and graduate, I had a wonderful stint at UWRF as an
Associate Lecturer and Coordinator for the English Language Transition
program. I am in the process of accepting an offer of employment with the
USDA. With this employment pivot, I hope to strengthen my knowledge in
regional agriculture systems and economies. I also plan to practice my art
and prepare my (almost) empty nest for a future where local connections
and food systems will be critical to surviving and thriving in a changing
I was briefly the GM at WEMC in late 2013- early 2014 and had to leave the
position due to family. I have an extensive knowledge of grocery marketing
and customer service practices from my 6+ years of working at Trader Joe's.
I was also a crew representative to management during my work there.
This gave me many worker advocacy and mediation experiences. I have
exceptional communication skills, and vast patience. I wish to stay involved
with the ongoing vitality of our local food systems and health of our
community. The WE Board position is a good opportunity to contribute to
this health and vitality.


I’ve been a customer of WEG since the early 90s and a member for about
20 years. Growing up in River Falls, attending and later returning to work
for UWRF, I have strong life-long ties to River Falls. I currently live in Troy
township with my family. My two children attend the RF Public Montessori
and Meyer Middle School 
I have continued to be interested in the changes and success of WEG since
my time as a volunteer and board member in the past. I frequently think of
ways WEG can continue to be successful and serve the community in new
ways in a competitive environment. I currently serve on the Troy Township
Park Board. I previously served on the WEG board for a term from about
2006-2009. I’ve valued the relationships and personal connections I’ve
made through my time serving and the opportunities for growth and
collaboration. I have operated a successful small business for the past 20
years enabling other businesses with digital marketing through web site
hosting and development. I have experience working for large corporations
in the private sector with the use of technology and the web to help
improve customer experiences. I currently serve in a leadership capacity
UWRF in the IT department. We utilize committees and policy governance
for much of our effectiveness as an organization. I will be able to bring my
leadership and collaboration skills to the role as a board member. My
education includes an emphasis in Political Science which provides me with
a clear headed analytical approach to problems where there isn’t always a
clear “right” answer. Realizing that each stakeholder has a different interest
or approach to any given challenge. Are there new ways WEG could provide
food and other services to the community that would provide a great
experience? Thinking about how technology, economics of a small town
and more recently, the pandemic changed the way we live our lives, are
there opportunities for the WEG to change and expand its offerings as well
to meet our needs?


I am a small business owner here in River Falls and have been a member of WE for several years. Community is important to me and I believe in the power of whole, healthy food and the positive impact that access to it has on people's lives.  I live just outside River Falls with my husband, three sons, two dogs, and chickens. I am running for the WEMC board of directors because I would like to assist in an organization that has a direct, positive effect on its members and consumers. I have been part of volunteer groups that have had a direct impact on the community. In 2019 I participated in the Leadership River Falls class that installed the Fitness Trail in DeSanctis Park. I also participated as a member assisting the WE Board with the interview process of hiring the most recent General Manager. I work well with many types of people, am open minded and like looking at the big picture. I enjoy strategizing and am adaptable to different situations. I would love to see the Co-op continue with the fantastic momentum that it has going now, along with expanding its membership base and product offerings.


I LOVE the Whole Earth Market Coop! I want to be a part of the process that keeps our LOCAL store going! I have been a board member for five years, and feel I know the board process well; as well, I am familiar with policy governance. I feel very comfortable with everything! I was a Healthcare Administrator for 35 years, served on the WI Health Care Association board for nine years. I was appointed to the WI Governor's Task Force for Health Care Administration, a position I held for four years. I was on the National Board of the American College of Healthcare Administrators for six years. Former River Falls Area Hospital board member for nine years, and River Falls Area  Chamber of Commerce board member for three years. Currently, serve on River Falls Area Hospital Foundation Board (for the last seven years) and chair the Scholarship Committee for RFAH as well.. Have also served on many board committees. My previous co-op board experience  and board experience on several other national and state boards has allowed me to be very familiar with the board process as well as how to run a board meeting. I have been a board president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer in the past. In the future, I see WEMC executing a carefully planned expansion into a larger space to accommodate even more products and people! The coop supports local, and promotes wellness through many organic products. I’m excited!

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