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Notice: Voting has closed

Events on this page are not current.

This page is only for informative purposes for anyone who would like to know more about the recent vote on the Resolution to amend the WE Market Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws.


The election closed on Tuesday, September 2nd with 98% of voting members approving of the Resolution. A huge thank you to all our members who exercised their democratic right!

As you may recall, we were scheduled to vote on a resolution to amend our Articles of Incorporation and our By-laws at our annual meeting earlier this spring, but we were sidelined by the Coronavirus. Because the threat of COVID-19 continues, the Board has opted to move forward with the vote on the resolution with an absentee ONLY ballot, so there will be no in-person voting on the resolution.


For this, we encourage electronic voting. From this page you can access our current ruling documents, the Resolution and proposed amendments, the electronic ballot to place your vote, and access to the Zoom meeting on September 2nd at 7PM to count the ballot. If you plan to attend this meeting, please log in around 6:45, so we can get started right at 7 o'clock.


Please note the following: Only one vote per membership. voting closes at 6PM on September 2nd, if you voted this spring, you still need to place your vote now for your choice to be counted.


Thank you for practicing your democratic right as a co-op owner.

Zoom Meeting Link: 

Absentee Only Vote on Resolution to Amend the Articles of Incorporation & By-Laws

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