We are pretty serious when it comes to local.  This is not a trendy marketing slogan for us.  Locally owned, locally supported, locally loved.  It just makes sense that we put our whole heart into supporting others that are equally as passionate about local.  So, we source as much as we can from local suppliers to put it into the hands of our local supporters.  YOU.  

In 2016 43% of our products were LOCAL! Think of the good that you are doing by putting that kale into your shopping cart.  Imagine every time you do this, a smile crosses the farmers face.  If you were standing next to them, a high five would certainly be in order.

And it doesn't stop at kale (when winter comes!)  Many other grocery items are bought from local suppliers, like honey and maple syrup. You can find local and regional beer and wine here.  Our Wellness department showcases local soaps, lotions and other body care products.  We also have loads of cheese and dairy options that are local.  Look for our local bread and sweet treats, too!

Come in soon to see how we are putting our products where our mouth is when it comes to local!