WE welcome everyone.

Everyone has to eat.  

It does not matter which path you choose to get here, our doors are open to everyone for that purpose and many more beyond that.   WE Market Co-op is River Falls, WI only community-owned grocery store, with close to 2,000 households represented in our ownership.  Curious about what "owning" means? 

WE love to help.  Don't be shy.  We all had to walk through the door for a first time.  

Maybe an introduction will help.....

WE Market Co-op started as a small group of 16 passionate people looking to take control of the food they buy and eat.  Not much has changed since 1974, except we are now a strong group of close to 2000 owners; Still passionate about the food, our community, and the world beyond the stores of the co-op.  These 2000 owners are your neighbors, friends, and community members supporting a different way of buying food.  The difference is that by choosing the co-op first you help us build and maintain strong relationships with local farmers and artisans, which is an important part of our co-op's values.  WE provide shoppers with access to organic, local, wholesome, and fairly traded food and products.  Everyone can shop, anyone can own.  

Whew.  In a nut shell, this is what we believe and how we choose to exist: